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Welcome to Decalpool!

I am a high passion in model kit builder. The first model kit I built was Tamiya 1/12 Honda NSR500 Rothmans 1986′ raced by W. Gardner in 2002. The kit is very accurate scale and great detail in engine part. I am impressed in the engineering about making this model bike. Unfortunately, the kit was an old stock. I was headache in cracked decal. Because of building perfect moto, I started to remake a decal to finish kit.

As time goes by, the collection are 300s. It’s thankful to global model builders order the stuffs. It supports me to continue the product development. They feel confident in my product quality. The decal is printed by FACTORY SILK SCREEN PRINT PROCESS. The markings are pre-cut. It applies as easy as original decal.

For the next ten years, I would keep on designing new decals.

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